Our process 

Design Consultation

The first step is to sit down with one of our sales consultants and discuss the requirements for your new home. At this stage, we like to find out from a design point of view what sort of home you are after, and also the level of your budget.

Our sales consultant will then be able to either show you one of our standard model house designs or alternatively produce a customized concept sketch plan to suit your specific requirements. Whatever the case you will be able to review the plan and make amendments as required until you're satisfied with the layout.

Once the concept sketch plan is finalized the home will be costed up by our estimating team and then our sales consultant will provide you with a formal Quotation for your new home.

Preliminary Agreement

Once the design and quote are finalized the next step forward is to sign a HIA Preliminary Agreement. Once this agreement is signed it enables us to commence work on drawing up the full set of working drawings for your new home.

At this point we will also order a Surveyor to carry out a contour feature survey and also a Engineer to carry out a soil classification test of your site. The results of these various consultant works enables us to set the finished floor levels of your home, obtain earthworks quotes and determine what sort of footing details are required to suit your site.

Once all of the above is completed a HIA building contract and addenda to the specification will be prepared prior to everything being bound together to produce your formal Building Contract documents.

Building Contract

Our sales consultant will present the building contracts to you and run through the specifics before addressing any questions you may have. It’s very important for you to take time to review them to make sure you understand all the terms and conditions prior to signing.

As we use HIA building contracts all aspects of the building process are covered which eliminates most concerns clients may have. However, we are more than happy to provide clarification for any queries that you may have prior to signing your contract documents.

Upon signing the Contract Documents you will be required to pay a deposit, the amount of which will be clearly stated in your contract.

It’s very important to note that no structural changes will be accepted after your contract documents are signed.

Colour Consultation & Pre-Start Meeting

Once the payment of your deposit has been received, we will then book you in for a colour consultation meeting with our interior designer at which point you will be able to select the colour schemes for your home.

It's comforting to know that our interior designer is on hand at the colour meeting to provide advice as required for your colour selections. This is a very exciting time for all clients as it gives them the chance to personalize their home.

The second part to this process is the pre-start meeting which will be conducted at our office. At this meeting you will be able to run through the fixtures and fittings included in your home. You are able to select from within our standard specification or alternatively upgrade to suit your own requirements however with any upgrades fees will be applicable.

Once the colour and pre-start selections are all finalized your plans and addenda will be amended to suit. The amended plans and addenda are referred to as "Final Doc's".

Building Approvals

Now that you Final Doc's are prepared we can submit for the various approvals required. A Certificate of Design Compliance will be obtained from an independent Building Assessor and then once completed, we can then submit a building permit application to the relevant local council.

During this process we will also prepare and send off all the purchase orders for your home thus ensuring everything is ready for construction to commence once the building permit is received.

It's very important to point out that at this stage you need to produce formal finance approval from your lending institution.

Once all the various approvals have been received your home is then ready to commence construction. 


As every job is unique the construction sequence can vary depending on each job requirement however, the key milestones are usually the same which are listed out below and will be clearly shown in your building contract doc's:

  • Slab Down
  • Plate Height (Brickwork Complete)
  • Roof Cover
  • Lock Up
  • Practical Completion

You will be kept very well informed of the progress onsite throughout construction and also have the opportunity for multiple face to face meetings onsite at selected milestones. Your input is encouraged during construction as we want you to feel like a valued customer rather than just a job number in the system.


Towards the end of construction you will be required to carry out a practical completion inspection onsite with our building supervisor. This meeting is very important in order to ensure that you’re happy with your new home and that any loose ends are sorted out prior to handover.

Your home will then be prepared for handover at which point we will provide you with all the keys, remotes, copies of all the relevant warranties and certificates.

After handover our service does not stop there as we are still on hand for an additional 6 month defects liability period in order to rectify any defect items you may have with your new home.

Congratulations your new home is now complete!